Security & Safety Tips

Here are some tips to help jewelers keep their merchandise safe and to avoid or minimize the effects of a theft.

  • Always take one piece of jewelry out of locked cases one at a time.
  • Always ask salespeople and delivery people for proper identification.
  • Always remain aware of your surroundings for possible break-ins.
  • Never open or close the store alone. One person should lock or unlock the doors, while a second person watches from a safe distance outside with a cell phone to call police if needed.
  • The chance of an armed robbery goes up if there is only one person on the floor at a time, so have at least two employees on the floor at all times.
  • Use a buzzer system to admit customers to your store. If locked doors aren’t an appropriate option, use a doorbell or chime so you can be alerted when someone has entered your store.
  • Never let a stranger into your place of business before or after business hours. Carefully check the identity of all delivery personnel and workers.
  • Look at, make eye contact, greet and note the appearance of every customer who enters your store. Remember: Criminals don't like to be noticed!
  • Use and properly maintain a visible video camera and recording system in your store. An obvious camera acts as a deterrent to a crime – and helps identify criminals who may case your store for future break-ins.
  • Make sure to have a highly visible one-way mirror installed on your premises so that potential robbers may think that someone is watching them from the other side.
  • Have an “alert system” in place for your store. If you believe you have suspicious individuals in your store, have a code word or phrase to alert the other employees – something that will be effective but will not disturb the genuine customers.
  • If you have a suspicious situation but no criminal event is yet underway, have one of your employees walk out of the store in a very visible manner, carrying and dialing a cell phone. Suspicious individuals will be concerned they've been spotted while genuine customers will scarcely notice.
  • Consider not displaying a significant percentage of the goods most tempting to criminals, such as high-end diamonds and watches.
  • Be vigilant for individuals casing and observing your premises and procedures as preparation for a robbery. Keep a suspicious incident log – noting times, dates, descriptions, license plate numbers and any other details, which may later be helpful.
  • Develop a “Neighborhood Alert System,” passing along warnings by phone, fax or email to other jewelers in your area.
  • Consider hiring an off-duty police officer in police uniform during times of special risk at your store – such as during shows or events.

The representations made here are for illustrative purposes only.  Each situation is unique and should be evaluated on its own merit.  You should contact a security professional for assistance in establishing procedures appropriate for your particular circumstances.